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    Alarm Panel/Controller

    Dimension (mm) 130 x 130 x 45
    Weight (kg) 0.5
    Input power 5V 1A
    Standby current 5VDC 350mA
    Backup power 12VDC 7Ah Rechargeable battery (optional)
    Siren Output Bluetooth
    Strobe Light Output Bluetooth
    Max sensors to link up Unlimited
    Max connection distance from controller to sensors 10 meter in between sensor.
    Use of routing sensor to expand connection distance

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    Magnetic sensors for windows & doors

    Dimension (mm) 55 x 27 x 15
    Weight (kg) 0.05
    Connection to alarm controller Bluetooth
    Built-in battery 2 x AAA battery
    *approximately 18 months of usage

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    Bluetooth PIR Detector

    Dimension (mm) 87.5 x 87.5 x 45
    Weight (kg) 0.5
    Scanning area Horizontal viewing angle = 120 degree
    Vertical viewing angle = 77 degree
    Scanning distance = 2.8m to 5m
    Pet immune Yes up to 25 kg
    Built-in battery 4 x AA battery
    *approximately 12 months battery life

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    Bluetooth Remote Control

    Dimension (mm) 36 x 56 x 15
    Weight (kg) 0.05
    Buttons 4 buttons for
    Arm Day or Away Mode
    Disarm alarm
    Panic button
    Built-in battery CR2032 Coin Cell

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